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Freedom Club needs better consent factories, seriously, can't even do lil genocide anymore without all this whining, all this yelling


I am probably speaking too soon here, but Kamalalala Harris went away for a long time and has recently resurfaced seeming coherent and intelligent and capable. Geez.

hard workouts followed by protein, great joy

Scrabbby Apple

The next Israel-Hamas war should take place at The Met Gala


Heaven Knows What a drug

The Cut has begun BTW

Humans was a beautiful series, a few dips here and there and a bit of a weak ending, but still quite beautiful

I have no respect for criminals who get caught

'more thoughts' >>>

a national emergency of contemplation and pleasing BRAD was put forth

most Danes came through and redeemed the realm

a few did not, but were dealt with

Copenhagen is beautiful in its effort

Denmark is alright, quite alright

no longer a belligerent nation, no longer an enemy

I look forward to a friendship, to a relationship

well done


Copenhagen was great, Denmark was great - more thoughts later today

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