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I hate weakness

At this point a third power, preferably nuclear armed and with great experience of colonialism should invade Gaza and save it from the horrible hunger and daily destruction ... there's talk of British troops driving the aid off the pier and into the Strip ... OOOooooo





lots of talk of air strikes on data centers these days - these kinds of actions will likely come, especially with all the aipocalyse language FROM MANY OF THOSE WORKING ON THE FUCKING THING

Daisies on Green Grass

Bougainville gotta change it's name when it becomes independent

people be thinking they be berto spanzo when they burger van sally

The words cunt and fart when combined become a majestic form


Korean popular music is a warfare

Voyager 1 is the best of humanities work in space - it's romance. Today NASA fixed it, 15 billion miles away and the connection with Earth is back. Really beautiful.

HYBE civil war is delicious

...and Max Azzarello is an interesting case - decent writer, comes across both smart and mentally sick.

self-immolation is fucking gnarly

I rarely if ever use the word 'gnarly'

for some reason 'gnarly' fits

I mean it with negative connotation

they burn so well, true conviction

super stupid, super sad

Always remember to turn off the 'Normalise volume' option on Spotify, makes everything sound quiet and shit

Space Milk

so le sserafim's answer was turn the backtrack up to 90 and screamshout the rest, SHAME on them and Coachella for allowing it - I set my alarm for this

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