Visiting Every Country in the World

I am currently on a Special Mission to visit every country in the world.

Begun just as the worst pandemic in a century shut down international travel.

Luckily I had already seen the world on my Three Year MEGA Journey and travels before, so I wasn't too angry about it all, to be honest I was more concerned about the fact I was frequently being rushed to hospital in ambulances at the time.

After some very painful, life changing and life affirming months, I got the first countries done since I decided upon the mission, at the end of 2020 - Greece and Poland.

Since then I've torn through Europe and visted - Spain, Andorra, Norway, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Sweden and Finland, and added Laos and Cambodia to the list.

Still many more to go, and a lot more adventures ahead.

2023 will be my bigest year of travel yet!

Countries so far

1. United Kingdom

Spain - Not included due to visiting offshore island of Majorca, not mainland

2. United States

3. France

4. Netherlands

5. Belgium

6. Germany

7. Austria

8. Slovenia

9. Italy

10. Czechia

11. Hungary

12. Mexico

13. South Korea

14. Japan

Taiwan - Not included due to not being on UN list 🙁 I love Taiwan 😀

15. Singapore

16. Indonesia

17. Australia

18. Canada

Hong Kong (Territory)

Macau (Territory)

19. Vietnam

20. Thailand

21. Myanmar

22. Malaysia

23. Monaco

24. Greece

25. Poland

26. Spain

27. Andorra

28. Norway

29. Ireland

30. Estonia

31. Latvia

32. Lithuania

33. Cyprus

34. Bulgaria

35. Sweden

36. Finland

37. Laos

38. Cambodia

39. San Marino

40. Vatican City

Northern Cyprus

© Brad Nicholls