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Qatar needs a dick in its arse

sometimes I like Kyle Kulinski, sometimes, he should be kept around

got infected bug bite, got it from batu caves, batu caves also massively overrated, fuck batu caves and fuck bug bites

denying the scottish another referendum is a dumb dumb move

it felt like Christmas for 10 seconds today

Had another war with an accommodation today, these shits, even littler, ever more putrid filth - charged 20rm over the total price, eventually they crumbled and gave me back the 20rm, silly sewage people.

The Chinese can make some cool fucking movies

Going to Thailand by train instead. I feel like some trains!

I haven't watched a single world cup match yet

people who chase birds are fucking scum


More Malaysia?

I have thrown away my flight to Bangkok, I love throwing away flights

all the public shit Qatar is getting is hilarious, the governments of these protesting countries are happily in bed with them, throwing houses and glass stones and all that or something... 🙂

I want another Scottish Independence Referendum soon

sui generis tropical space cyberpunk

sui generis tropical space cyberpunk

sui generis tropical space cyberpunk

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