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I will be typing my thoughts on the BIDEN TRUMP presidential debates as they happens and will then upload a PDF of those thoughts that you can download and read


It would be great if Monaco built islands in its EEZ and expanded what it is. It could be a tax-free heaven of beautiful powerful islands and bridges and beaches and trees.

Just listened back to 'the MAY 2024 Special Episode' an episode recorded and edited with only one functioning ear ... couldn't tell, was great as usual and features one of the best sex scenes in history, GO LISTEN! or GO LISTEN AGAIN!

Humans? Nah

I just ate a very questionable lemon meringue pie

's failed post-presidency

Barack Obama really is having the most boring nothing post-presidency

I shall lead the revolution but I must be financially compensated very well


some people only have two options in life - sink or drown, don't be a person like that . . . be smart fuckface

Tits really are the third or fourth best thing in the universe

I really hate Marcus Aurelius. Fuck Marcus Aurelius.

it's 3:06 AM and I have yet to brush my teeth . I woke up at NINE PM

Politico really is dogshit now

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