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earphones in, early morning, Vienna, many joyful memories

The sushi itself though, is okay but nowhere near the best sushi in the world, which of course is any damn sushi shop in British Columbia. I FUCKING MISS THE FOOD OF BC.

YO! Sushi mochi balls are very nice.


October 1st 2022

Concerning Joseph R. Biden officially assuming office of the Presidency of the United States

JOE BIDEN has now officially become President of the United States. The stink of the Vice Presidency was on him for a long time, longer than usual.

I hold no ill will towards attractive, fat women and they are fun to sleep with.

three new videos in three days, you lucky people


One day corporations will engage in true warfare. And the wars and the nature of those wars will be very interesting and to most surprising. I am a corporation but I am also much much much more than a corporation.

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