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warm butter up the arse

Bob Graham is dead, died a few days ago, he ran for prez briefly in '04 woulda been a Jimmy Carter but successful, shame, wasted potential

google's only use is a search engine for reddit

I will be buying a farm

SO CUTE. SO CUTE. 90% of talk of AI is FUCKING DOOM including from the people building it. Humanity runs towards the exploding lava.


her winking arsehole, I have the videos, the sweet memories



I have superbulked, next month begins the supercut

I'm only racist on wednesdays

One of the saddest things about Le Sserafim's Coachella performance is that they seem to have been trying hard, yet they just can't deliver. I know the members are receiving a lot of criticism and hate, reading their Instagram feeds is a fun pastime right now, but most of this should be directed at HYBE, so go ahead and do that. 🙂

MOKA is an amazing human being

It's coming time to build my own personal beautiful android that I can talk to, play chess with and fuck

I didn't get epidural hematoma.

people who say 'whenever' instead of 'when' should be raped by a 2015 killer drug clown


The Hybrid, The Sui Generis

I am a conglomerate, I am a religion, I am a state

I hit the side of my head on the arm of a triangle washing line a while ago, I was taking my cat off the palm tree in my garden, so I've been reading all about epidural hematoma again. I evaluate, I wait. I shall survive.

Denmark will be country 59

coachella should cancel le sserafim's next stage and pursue legal action against hybe corporation


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