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le sserafim at Coachella was a historic embarrassment

Iran's response makes it look weak. If they keep launching counterattacks they know will fail and are designed to fail, the aggression and attacks from Israel will continue. Expected but still hilarious statements from western politicians tonight, still talking about ISRAEL'S RIGHT TO DEFEND ITSELF ... LOLSies

People who publicly build giant doomsday bunkers will be the first to be overwhelmed - raped, killed and eaten,,, gotta be quiet about these things, gotta be clever 😉

Ends strong though...

3 Body Problem starts great, becomes ass deeper in, no heart no soul, disappointing




(no pun intended)

WrestleMania 40 Night 2


Great start, weird nonsensical decisions in the main event, rest of the show was okay and/or meh


Already ready to say it, WrestleMania should be a one night event again, the difference between Saturday and Sunday is night and day

Night 2 hitting harder, twenty minutes in

WrestleMania 40 Night 1


Don't overhype to the heavens unless you can get it done.

The Aditude Era

It just keeps getting worse, this is a joke, anyone who loves wrestling will think the same

Vince shit on heads and became a bad booker but at least he kept the corporate whoredom to a minimum


Only forty minutes in and this WrestleMania is unwatchable due to the constant sponsorships and ads. I was excited for this Mania, it's sad and horrible.

WWE just shot itself in the face

Those stupid fucking bottles

Less joy, more hate and disgust

The mat and turnbuckles should have remained clean

First TKO Wrestlemania shows what they and Endevour are

You short-sighted feeble little men

Shit. Corporate. Filth.

Always hold grudges

Happy to announce FUNK 58 will be my first novel to be released publicly. I will be publishing it in parts each month until it's done, it will then be combined into one. It will all be for free with the option to contribute at always being there for those who want to contribute to myself and The Sui Generis I am building. BE EXCITED!

'FUNK 58' 'FUNK 58' is available to read NOW on

'FUNK 58: Sticky City Burns' will be available to read on this month


Wrestlemania stage looks shit at first, but it's a grower, it will grow on you

ILLIT are the more fun, slightly less peado NewJeans

Hualien Quake is ROUGH STUFF

I hate when bad things happen to places I love

The Sui Generis will live forever

I'll live forever


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