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yesterday Robert Fico was a fascist pro-Moscow dictator, today he was shot and it's an 'outrageous assault on democracy' ... funny lol haha

FUNK 58 makes me happy


I rewatched Her and Her is actually a shit film

. . .

I shall rewatch Her tonight

I will soon buy a low-tier English football club and propel it to the TOP OF THE WORLD

ChatGPT 4o looks mental. These advances are one of the reasons why I now really truly hope no great global nuclear war comes. If great AI can be controlled. And somehow become equitable. The future is brilliant. If not then HUMANITY DEAD! (except me)

BIG leBRADburg announcement coming soon - post-beef we-love-cow REVOLUTION will officially be outlined

Annie Jacobson misses so massively and has so many holes in her books that you just can't enjoy them, even if they're on really enjoyable topics and written with some flare. SAD. Sad Shit.

a very strange coincidence, I had the sudden urge to watch Trois couleurs: Rouge tonight and I did, later I searched for details, reviews, in that warm afterglow and found it was first released May 12th, today is May 12th ... of all the days of the year,,, magic, strange


tonight I will watch Trois couleurs: Rouge - it's been a while

I think one of the best things that men and women can do to each other in life is body shame. I will now do just that. I really like this streamer (kinda small one, but has potential) her name is Amie Chicken or something ... and she is very beautiful and sexy and hot and I enjoy her very much, HOWEVER she has a disturbing looking belly button, it doesn't fit, it is old and misshapen and probably worse than genocide and stuff, I implore her to fix it, she will then be wow wow ya'know, ya'know

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Brad Nicholls

Brad Nicholls

Brad Nicholls

Brad Nicholls

Brad Nicholls

Brad Nicholls

Brad Nicholls

South America this year or The EIGHTH Asian Adventure ... hmmmmmmmm, thinking about it, the decision will be made soon

I will solve low-lying island nations issues and save them in exchange for sovereignty


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