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Tits are my third or fourth favourite thing

You should all listen to BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast

the phrase 'lick my nuts' is underused

I love Wonyoung of Wonyoung and Friends (IVE) but she is seriously disappearing, one of the most obvious eating disorders in K-Pop, she's on the road to critical illness at this rate, she needs an intervention

I made love, sweet love, to a Chinese-Italian women recently. 10/10 would do again.

Vitamin D is not the magical thing some people think it is. I do take a pill every day, not the silly amounts though, those be silly. Should take though.

Ravioli has a very distinct taste. Haven't eaten it in years. Don't want to.

Chronic and terminal illness TikTokers are some of the best, they do some really solid work! 9/10

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