Brad Nicholls, this is his official online home. this front page is a constantly updated representative mix of himself and his work. beyond this front page you will find a deep environment of archives and surprises. enjoy.

I have a deep appreciation, respect and love for Brad Nicholls

me and liz truss have quite a few things in common, discovered another one the other day, we've both called Burnaby, British Columbia home for a year, strange stuff.

this is me and a seagull, I think it's a seagull, looks like a seagull, on Granville Island, Vancouver

don't fast, unless you really have to. tried it once in new york, my heart got real angry at me, crazy ectopics. i don't think it's healthy for anyone. maybe intermittent fasting is, but the jury is still out. just fucking eat food. a nice amount and exercise once a day. enjoy.

Republican sentiment really is growing now. Unlikely a majority will form soon, but a more significant and emboldened minority will in the coming years. Countries will drop the British Monarchy, maybe even some big ones (Australia) and things will start really slipping in Britain too. Charles Windsor is however doing a solid job so far during this transition, but even if that continues it won't stop the abolition movement and the realities it presents.

Abolition is a fun word.

In the upcoming Episode #96 of BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast I talk about the Gili Islands, here I am there in 2018 on Gili Trawangan, about to get on the boat back to Bali, I loved the Gilis, I shall return

Estonia in the snow was so much fun. January/February 2022.

Justin Trudeau is a great performer. His speech on the death of Elizabeth II was absolutely the best of any national leader. I was living in Canada when he was first elected in 2015. 2022 and he's still in post, seems a decent politician too.

i like boats, boats don't get enough attention, enough credit

NewJeans are very disturbing. Children, with some of the most sexualised lyrics in k-pop. The denial is strong too and the songs are addictive, makes it that much worse.

the human body is so very strong and so very weak at the same time

first new york city blowjob, January or February 2013 | post-blowjob victory pic.

Always do what you actually want to do.

I love Brad Nicholls so much

people imitate me a lot and don't give me any credit... these people should be eaten by alligators and crocodiles, and pigs and bears and mice

I will be back in Asia again at the end of the year, it has been a while, 2018! My longest break from my favourite continent in my adult life. Looking forward to it, will be visiting a mix of new and old countries. Hopefully no global pandemics spring up between now and then. KEEP THOSE BORDERS OPEN.

my strategy is simple and of course genius; be great, let people know I am great, they shall seek me out to judge and they shall see and they shall say "oh fuck yeah, he's great. I AM NOW ADDICTED!"

there is so much beauty in the world, enjoy

Stop. The. Silly. Restrictions. On. Free. Open. Travel. Japan.

Sweden and Finland in a few days, will by my 6th and 7th new countries of the year and my 35th and 36th overall, excited.

new BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast will be out September 13th, recorded September 7th - I predict the death of the queen with utter perfection.

i am now QUeen of the UNiteeed Kingomd

leBRADburg is going to be the biggest thing in the burger world and the NFT space, it all launches OCTOBER 21st

I do not understand why people use social media. Having your own website you can control every aspect of completely is much better. Takes more effort to get people coming in, but once they are, it is fucking beautiful, beautiful anyway

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I will use this page to post decisions, proclamations, orders, etc and show my life! WRITINGS, VIDEOS, PHOTOS, AUDIO, ANIMATIONS, ART, etc !!! It's all gonna be here folks, this will be my COMS ACTION station and something beautiful, this will be the place for citizens, journalists, and everyone else to come to and enjoy, enjoy!

This is an important part of the next phase of The Expansive Mix Era, be excited! ENDLESS shall launch in September 2022 and publicly launch with several months worth of content January 1st 2023 will remain an expansive online environment with areas deeper within, with the front page being a fun representative mix of me and my work

Many posts will link to that type of media's archive where all of it's kind shall permanently live

The front page will be a mix of new and old, and all kinds of media

The first iteration of was an endless scroll of blog posts, I want to capture that same feeling again TIMES INFINITY is going endless

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