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I'm off to Sweden and Finland


I ate too much chicken and too many peas and so much fucking gravy and now I need to lie down

I'm in a podcast editing mood.

I will start a long period of a series of casual girlfriends soon, not yet, but soon.

Sleep is very important. Been having four, five hours recently and frequently disturbed sleep too. Always get the wildest dreams from it, but not fun for my body. Had to reschedule some detailed work today, can't focus on it while this sleep deprived. It annoys me when I have to do that. I leave for a quick trip to Sweden and Finland tomorrow, which is going to mess up my sleep even more; rough stuff. WE SHALL PREVAIL!

Lots and lots and lots of people saying how much they love

Ducks are very nonspecific, vague, ephemeral. Mostly they are these things. They need to really start working on doing something as a species. Whether it be negative or positive, they gotta get going, they are no fun and far too many of them drop down drains, get a grip. Grow up. Pathetic. I feel angry now.

Don't worry, you don't matter.

Donald Trump must become trans next, or something with that level of twist and spin. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the old character is a bore now. Needs to mix it up.

This photo shoot was funny. In Haiphong, Vietnam with my then girlfriend and a bunch of Vietnamese cameramen... look at those fuckin' rockstar socks, man!

Next year I'm going to spin a wheel of obscure countries and whichever country it lands on I'm going to learn everything about it and consume all of the great art, media, film, music and food of that land and start a relationship with a nice girl from there too

I will be 31 years old soon

Hardcore travel will always be one of my constants.

my intuition says something similar to black hole cosmology is the true physical reality of this existence. I have created a detailed model of what I believe makes the most sense, the math works out too, mostly.

everything is gay and everyone is a little gayboy

the neck is a very sensitive part of the body

biscuits are both underrated and overrated

really happy my hemorrhoid situation has cleared up, too much fiber is bad man


I will eat a big tub of ice cream tonight, take that starving children!

death penalty really should be used for more crimes, like playing music in public, nobody wants to hear your shit tastes, fuck off and die

mars is lame

oatmeal should be illegal

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