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sweet, little, retarded ellen musk is doing sweet, little, retarded things

he is and always has been a fraud through and through, he is merely an actor + a collection of loans and government subsidies

I will only be eating street food that has gone through my vigorous approval process, I've had too many near-death experiences (some literal) with that shit. It can be delicious, but often the torture isn't worth the taste. For the next two months I will mostly be eating fast food and convenience store food, both of which I love and I shall be indulging in a lot of that love here in SEA.

third day in KL today, tomorrow I head to Malacca for a week... Kuala Lumpur is the Tokyo of SEA in so many different ways, and I think it could actually be THE Sci-Fi city of the 21st century and beyond, so much potential, with one big problem - it's fuckin' awful road layouts...

real hot and sticky la

alright, morning my peoples, time to get packed and ready for Malaysia and Asia

I piss more in bottles than I do in toilets.

first I sent you my son, Mister Jesus Christ, and then I sent you my son, Miss Kim Garam, you destroyed them both, you sick people

whisper a secret into the air

I really am going through a time of being disgusted by sex. The FLUIDS! The smells, the fucking meat bags! And I have had a lot of sex in my life, this is a very new and curious repulsion.

American chocolate tastes like sick of course, but I do still like the taste every now and then... sick chocolate can be tasty...

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