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Tuesday afternoon,

a very chill, very fun bang.

city angel.

A true classic.

the moon is a beautiful, romantic place.

to me malacca was itself - its beautiful, broken sadness and it was a haircut at a shopping mall, that parade, it was a war through noise and green walls, it was conquering, it was leaving a crazy blonde date on a massage chair, it was fried chicken and modern amusements, it was a swirling dirty river, it was nice

back from malacca to kl last night.


Cats are cosmic charms of peace, conviction and righteousness

I had a dream last night the world was definitively ending. Everything would be gone. It was very realistic and very sad. REAL SORROW. I love this reality.

I have eaten so much fried chicken here in Malaysia. Malaysia really loves fried chicken. It's everywhere.

I do enjoy the ease of the modern world and being able to pay for everything anywhere with a slab of plastic, but cash has romance to it, it's an artistic thing, I enjoy the notes and coins of the countries I travel, today it's already antiquated, in a few years it will most likely all be gone.

today was malacca activities day


the gotye song really will be remembered as one of the greatest songs of the century


I won a war today with chocolate on my nose, I didn't know I had chocolate on my nose, still won though!

One thing I don't miss about this part of the world, the fucking mosquitoes! Fucking bite after bite...

life is so beautiful, it's these silly humans who stain it black

I will now eat some cookies and go to sleep

A French couple are arguing in the next room, I can hear them through these thin green walls of this café/homestay by the river. I keep saying out loud "Break up with her!"

No women is worth any stress of any kind.

I don't speak much French but I can tell he is trying to soothe her and escape the row, while she is prodding, pushing, going in for some flesh...

"Break up with her!"

Malacca is a city of identity crisis. And that crisis is a long, long, long one. It is beautiful but also very broken. I sense a sadness here that I have not felt in the other areas of Malaysia I have been - Penang, Ipoh, KL. This Malacca sadness, I can feel it. It is very sad. As the empires of Europe died, so did the city this city once was. It's beautiful but broken. And I feel a beautiful, broken sadness.


Been off calorie restriction/counting for two weeks and the FAT is coming back! Delicious food here in Malaysia ain't helping, I'll probably let the fat grow another 9, 10 days then back to restricting/counting.

STOP making fun of people who think Bella Hadid is the most beautiful women or even anything other than quite a creepy ug - they have Fragile X syndrome and should not be mocked in such horrible ways. Yes, they are wrong, but have some decency here, alright.

I'm in malacca la

most malaysians are very sweet people, about as sweet as people can be

I appreciate the women who show nipples through tight shirts


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