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train time again tomorrow.

For one of the most touristy places in the world, Bangkok is pretty much devoid of actual tourist spots - landmarks, not much here...

SIRP is working

The war in Ukraine raging for many years, decades even, is very possible. I have created plans to win the war for both sides, both plans would work. Russia has the easier path but must commit far greater and go much bigger, and do truly horrific things on a large scale quickly. Yes, nukes. But not in the way you may be thinking. Most likely that doesn't take place, although still possible. Instead the long grind of ruin continues. A new Russian offensive is coming early next year. It's going to be a long winter.

I will limp to Laos and I will limp to Cambodia and I will limp to Vietnam by years end

All energy and effort shall now go into a successful recovery and positive outcome

Serious Injury Recovery Plan (SIRP) is now in effect

I have a serious leg injury





scarlett johansson is beautiful and she seems like a nice lady, if only she was austrian

Attractive women viciously fighting each other is a turn on

Floppy Disks Are Fucking Cool, I Will Bring Floppy Disks Back


countries that require payment for visas are immediately putting themselves in a losing position as a country

I'm always ahead of the curve. I left Twitter years ago when it became shit. Now it is clearly worse, worse than shit. How anyone can stay, use and care about a platform that is being turned into the second richest person in the world's fan club of bots and mentally unwell people is real sad. Twitter is nothing now. Billions into pennies. The second richest person in the world is clearing it of things he doesn't like (anything that negatively effects him) and being his usual pathetic self. Move on. Find a new place to scream.

Yesterday was the first day in Bangkok that I didn't eat Japanese food.

there is something about watching movies in hotel rooms that '''H I T S''' different


stretch marks are underrepresented in popular culture; most people have them yet they are rarely discussed or shown

did the universe create the human brain or did the human brain create the universe ahhhwooooooo

I am throwing away another flight - this time to CAMBODIA - I will travel to LAOS by train instead - I WANT MORE TRAINS! - I will travel to CAMBODIA later probably by bus and then onto VIETNAM also probably by bus - this is the new iteration of the plan for this trip

the human population should be reduced to the number of people who can answer this question correctly - does the flag of ghana have a star?

I like Sukhumvit

beauty isn't as subjective as a lot of people say

Dude, we nearly a quarter into this century dude, duuuuuuuuuude

Episode #108 recorded and scheduled for release 14th DECEMBER 2022

SpaceX has no romance in it, it's all faux, all forced, it ain't it

still the Japanese food here in Bangkok;

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