The Brad Nicholls Way AKA The Way of The BradEarth or The Constitution of Brad

Find YOUR way to your goals not the ways of others

Do not consume recreational drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and any other addicting substances

I am sovereign, my interests are sovereign, and my world is sovereign, and I am - and I operate as - a sovereign

Never accept any truth as final

Always be improving your mental and physical health

Fight death, always, never get soft

Remember, self-interest is the only thing that moves a human

Even in this cold, hard world of war, take time to nurture your soul, seek and devour great art, film, music, literature and so on

Remember and respect the Eras and the Ages

Continually develop your resourcefulness

Develop novel technolgy, and create ingenius ways to use the technology others create to your advantage

Do not hurt people unnecessarily

Do not engage in behaviour that has a net-negative effect on your mental and physical health

Take a break from everything every now and then

Keep relations with humans limited to a chosen vanguard of individuals, relations outside of this chosen vanguard should be limited

Always enforce every line of The Outlawed

Continually work on improving your understanding and knowledge of human psychology

Prize DOING over HAVING; things are easily destroyed; actions are immortal - having can sometimes constitute doing

Know and understand your own human strengths and weaknesses

Never take anything personal in this game

Ignore the successes of others, NEVER distract yourself by chasing their dreams, stay focused on your own

Know when you are pursuing a distraction goal, kill it and refocus as soon as possible

Do not waste valuable energy on petty annoyances, know which problems are such

All of the above is simply a guide. If you believe you must break from the above then do as you believe you must, but only after a reasonable period of deep thought

© Brad Nicholls