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A world of dogs and cats and chinchillas and robots and very little people. I speak of heaven.

Why does every Indian sound like they're doing a parody of an Indian accent ? Answer

I am shunning the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque - disgraceful visiting hours and all around bleh tbh... Muscat for me is the streets! Oman for me is the streets!

Why haven't the American and British music industries stolen wholesale the K-pop model?


Interesting that I will be visiting two sultanates on this trip and the only two Sultanate countries

Oman, O Maaaaan!... OMAN

America cries out for me, a woman drenched with desire and longing

There are so many sick people around. It's possible another virus has got out and is being hidden this time around. Better to just let it do its thing rather than the disruption and hysteria of COVID-23 and yes I am currently still sick...

Do people who cough in public really need to or are they doing it just to fit in, to be some thing ?

Sick. Flu. Something like that. Heat air con mix never helps.


I have bought peace to the middle east. Is it any coincidence that as soon as I arrive, a ceasefire is negotiated?

Dubai will require some emails though.

Dubai is immense. It reminds me of Singapore, just MORE money and FASTER!

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