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Johnson killed Kennedy, 60 years on, still, that fact is not allowed to be accepted

Went to Armenian Genocide memorial and museum today. Also went to the Nemesis sculpture that celebrates those who took revenge by assassinating Ottoman leaders... wash shitty and miles from anything, Armenia has to change that.

Joe Biden will be a Benjamin Harris, a Jimmy Carter. Get him out of there! A new democratic candidate or the country is Trumps to play a grand game of revenge.

Went to Yerevan Cascade today, big ole set of stairs, and clocked Mount Ararat. Beautiful mountain. I understand why Armenians consider her sacred to them. It's currently located in Turkey. But I believe it is far more important to and connected to Armenia and Armenians. I support the return of the mountain to within Armenian borders.

I ate chicken today after abstaining from it for a while. The truth is I'm healthier with some meat. I need some animals to consume. Poultry and fish are those animals. I will fight for the best standard of treatment for these blessed animals however. I eat them. But I respect and love them. Factory farming as we currently know it must end and be replaced with something truly humane and special.

I'm in Armenia and I'm rewatching The Inbetweeners, thats what I'm doing

I hate travelling

The people are the problem

Javier Milei literally stole my 15 year old anarchist philosophies and hair cut! Seriously. Argentina can enjoy it for a while. Whatever. Story as old as time - weird guy with weird haircut wins and country. The frequency of it though is becoming a bore.

Yerevan is nice Soviet city

Factory farming has to end. It will be looked back on as one of humanities most disgusting practices, eventually.

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