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Lilya 4-ever is a great film.

McKinley has really been fucked over by popular history so far. He had a far greater impact on America and the world than Roosevelt ever did. Yet TR ( his successor after assassination) massively overshadows him. He shouldn't. TR had the charisma and bluster but barely did shit as President. McKinley was the beginning of the United States as a true major power in the world. Had he not been killed so early into his second term, had he not been followed by a showman faux cowboy, he would have statues the size of towers and his name would be spoken in American politics far more to this day.

The time has come for the Freedom Club to make the decision! Make this a real proxy war and throw the REAL weapons behind Ukraine or let Russia get away with snagging a nice chunk of land, embolden them and likely precipitate further land grabs in the future.

Tbilisi is nice. Looks like a Latvian warehouse, but still, nice.

David Cameron returning as FS is pathetic, reeks of desperation and neediness. Possible path back to premiership but there are many better, less pathetic paths back to the premiership for him. Rikishi a sad, passive bottom as usual.

Batumi is okay but just okay... Batumi is less than expected. A city with a long way to go to live up to what it's trying to be... alotta this trying shit when it comes to Georgia.

I don't like the Georgian alphabet. It ain't it man. It's trying to be something. It ain't something.

Pegasus Airlines are a lying piece of shit in the bowl. I shall have my vengeance, at a time and place of my choosing.

The United States federal government should create a new Department of AI, absorb all the vital infrastructure and allow private industry to maintain some no-vital areas. AI = Greater Than Nukes. Act accordingly.

le road to le Fucklands, le road to le Funlands.

Going back and forth between Asia and Europe on the ferries is the best part of Istanbul

Bucharest is beautiful ? so damn beautiful WTF ! Unexpected. A nice surprise.

So far Romanians are lovely people

Bucharest in fall, late fall, crispy leaves, the smell of them. Bucharest feels like a Paris, a Paris beaten and bruised but still shining

Bags of titties everywhere in this town


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