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Sarawak has a lot to love, but also a lot of problems... I'll go into them later...

Frog is a friend.

We all love Maven. Gotta get him a nice new run somewhere.

Beautiful lesbians that are truly lesbians are a tragic mistake of spacetime.

I love Malaysia. But being here in Sarawak, it's clear, this is a country, a country taking a rest inside a federation. But a country still. One day, it will be sovereign again.

It's a ballet of raw emotion. Dreams colliding under the spotlights embrace.

The world loves George Santos.

Somehow I have yet to be bitten by a mosquito or anything else while here in Malaysia. The only mosquito bites were in Batumi, a place that feels like years ago on this wild world trip.

Went to Fort Margherita yesterday. The only issue I have with James Brooke is that he wasn't buried here on the land he so beautifully acquired, stole and ruled. Don't go back to England. You built this and kept it until death. And the people (most of them) actually loved you. Put your body in that ground.

the life of the pro wrestler and k-pop idol are remarkably similar

The public are fleas.

Don't worry too much. People will still be interested in interesting people.

The Sui Generis is EVERYTHING

If the UAP crash retrieval programs are true - which is becoming increasingly likely - what is the new secret, this is being allowed to be known. How further advanced are they now, what are today's secrets? ... also could still be bullshit, many purposes for that too ...

President George T. Santos tho, ya'know

I bet her vagina smells like pie. Her vagina smells like pie.

Benoit's work has to be returned to wrestling history. Forget the man. The art was important.

Ric Flair is is an example of how to age. It's best to go (stay) extravagant, eccentric and dirty

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