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Philippines has great taste in music, just bangers, everywhere, all day, every day!

The Philippines is one of the worst countries I have visited. So many (not all) but so many of the people are incredibly friendly, polite and fun but the country itself is a horror. It needs large-scale change, giant change.

Am I dying? No, I'm suffering.

... Manila reminds me of a much worse Mexico City in many ways.

The pollution in this city is horrendous. Mexico City level pain.

We need more Jeff Bezos and less Elon Musk

The truth is I love Kyle Klinski and Kyle Kulinski loves me

More lies from Celine Dion

Manila ain't so bad, just stay inside.

Plane nearly crashed. I opened my eyes and said 'we're going to crash', a moment later 'go-around'... that pilot nearly killed us all. Nice landing on the second go though.

Philippines has the distinction of being my 58th country. 58 is my favourite number. That's how it worked out.

From everything you read about Philippines it seems like a genuinely terrible, dirty country bound to cause some harm... well we'll see.






Leaving Brunei for KK.

British food is king. It always will be.

Kampong Ayer is quite strange and pointless. Also potentially deadly, walked around the thing with flip flops on those decaying wooden planks. Bad stuff. No, no.

Rejecting women that you have already turned on massively and set a fuck date with is sometimes necessary.

Beautiful angel couple offered me a ride to the city, good people here.

Bandar Seri Begawan is the most annoying name for a capital city - terrible to write and say, just rename it BANDAR

Brunei is indeed a shit boring country

Attempted interrogation by an airline to get on a flight to a shit boring country is annoying.

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