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Dude, girls in small doses are great. A few hours here and there, amazing.

Taiwan doesn't need to join the ICC to hold Xi Jinping accountable if he launches an invasion. It needs fucking NUKES!

It feels like there's a little dude in the TikTok who cares. That's why it's a success.

Been in Metro Manila many days, this was the first day I got out of Makati and saw the city ... 0.7/10 one of the worst, I will be very happy to leave.

There ain't no road I can't hold

I had a great Christmas all by myself in Shithole City (Manila)

7-Eleven prick rung my sour strawberry straws up twice. He tried, he failed. I did not allow.

My Son.

My beautiful son.

You have to go through a lot if you want to destroy democracy and rule America forever.

I'm so funny, unique and special. I'm so Funiqcial.

Ate some pepperoni today in a cheese pepperoni sandwich melt. After having not eaten pig for a while, you can taste how dirty it is, filthy animal. Also a cutie at times. These reasons are why I rarely eat le pig.

The great singularity of AI, the true digital god will come from us and we're mostly horrid, therefore there is very little hope any of this will work out well for humanity, possible it does, but hey WE IN VEGAS

space is cool. but only romantic space is cool. the real adventure in it.

Asia Trip 7 is almost over. It's been a giant. They're all giants.

I just created beautiful, exciting, stadium fucking anthems that are fucking LEGIT with a three sentence prompt. Fun world. The artistry of before is dead, we have to evolve into a SUPER STATE. And I've always been a SUPER STATE. So I'm fine 🙂

Douglas Murray is an actual piece of shit. That's not some hyperbolic insult, no. He is actually a piece of shit. It's incredible how he got out of the toilet and onto television.

Pizza just there, not hurting anybody, bringing people joy.

Neil Degrasse Tyson has these areas where he is so incredibly unscientific and plain stupid. He could have been great. Failed.

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