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My mind obeys my body and my body obeys my mind.

Sora is another moment. BY 2030 THE HUMAN WORLD society culture IS UNRECOGNIZABLE

Major new SCRIPTURE coming this year BE EXCITED!

well done


Together is To Get Her

cancer king

My dick plays chess.

Roman Rock ain't it. They buried Cody. Completely emasculated.

... would be and should be the initial reaction, but the 'what happens next' is becoming gold - they getting the EYEBALLS!

.......... better swerve this again THOUGH!

the JANUARY 2024 Special Episode

british food motherfuckerz

Back in England

Back in England

Koreans need to be taken down a few notches. So many act particularly disgusting in public. They're quickly becoming Chinese-level pieces of shit.



Changi is the greatest airport, no other even comes close

Took the risk for the reward. Beautiful. Well done.


I saw a dead dog, a young beautiful dog, dead on the street with flies eating away... one of the worst images I've ever seen. Horrific, so sad.

Yeah. I am in love. A moment of love.

Lloyd Austin is fired. Simple. You don't hide being out of action in hospital as Defense Secretary. You're the fucking Defense Secretary.

TikTok comment section is the best comment section.

Life is one big competition to join the gods. Evolution on a universal scale.

TikTok is today's flicking through the channels.

She riding very well. Little Brown Law Girl.

Tacloban City looks like a city destroyed ten years ago and rebuilt

Eden Lake is a great film with a shit last five seconds.

Well Louis C. K is clearly a member of The Church of BRAD then... or just ripping off my beautiful work.

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