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people need to leave Katie Britt's kitchen alone!

SOME will focus on the 'MOSCOW' mistake or Taylor-Greene but this speech was great, Biden CAN win IF he fights like he fought tonight.

watching young beautiful women opening presents from dirty old men is oddly relaxing

The first presidential term began 235 years ago today. If America isn't careful the presidency could end soon. I'm not talking specifically about Trump. There is a slippage. And that slippage could turn into a fucking mudslide. It's going that way.

AEW is a terrible company, Revolution was a great show, but letting Darby Allin nearly kill himself was disgusting. I hate cheap shit like that.


Rock weak on the mic

FEBRUARY Special Episode lah


I'm into this stremer called amie chicken or summin, tits for centuries. Tits for centuries.

waking up from a thirty minute nap is a great feeling

This year I have taken the decision to actively fight hair loss. Male Pattern Baldness comes for so many of us, and it has come for me. But I am going to rape it and kill it and cook it and eat it. Another fun fight ahead.

Macron openly musing about sending ground troops. Not an impossibility. I can see a world where that happens. I would have sent them in before Russia got there, but heeeeey, better late than never kids 🙂

All non-INTJs should be locked in one country and only let out for a month a year

I am hungry!

Free eBook will be released next month for a story called 'FUNK 58' available exclusively on

The first trilogy of The Line Wars: The Tropics available to read now exclusively on

The Expansive Mix Era will come to an end September 17th 2024

It will be replaced by the term I use for my ecosystem, my infrastructure, my world ...

The Sui Generis

Big Casino is a great song, a masterpiece, it's been years since I've heard it, I've had it on repeat, beauty.

Rock promo was shite. A mess.

I much prefer the Freedom Club, but yo winy arse bitches wold hittt a lot more real about the death of Putin's enemies if Julian Assange wasn't mentally and physically abused for many years and still imprisoned for journalism ! kank spats

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