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I liked Dublin in December. Didn't really like it that much when I was there. But now, I do.

That Iris song is very nice, isn't it

Have you ever shit in someones mouth?

Luton is my favourite of the London airports; a hidden place, a secret nest to fly into dreams


suffering is a little gay boy

in BRAD we trust

I have not met a girl I genuinly like in quite a while now

I love TikTok, but I do not TikTok. I short-form video.

Oh yeah, I had a tea, can't remember if I had a wank, but anyway I figured it out 😉

The worst pizza I have ever eaten. VEGAN PIZZA in Vietnam, not Vietnam's fault, I had a real delicious pizza there too. It's the VEGAN'S fault. Look at that fucking thing! I was expecting some kinda fake meat and cheese deal, not this fucking thing. DEATH TO IT AND DEATH TO VEGANISM. A DISGRACE. ALL VEGANS SHOULD BE ASHAMED THAT AT ONE POINT I HAD TO SUFFER THIS. I HAD TO EAT SOME OF THIS FUCKING VIZZA!

2041 is just 19 years away, I will be 50 in 2041

I want the human species.

A tea and a wank might do it.

I'm currently stressed about something I'm working on, things just aren't going the way I want them to. I'll figure it out.

Radiators are nice.

it's getting cold

I would love to have a grand ball with all my ex-girlfriends one day. Hope they're all still alive.

never jump head first into water, yo

people copy me a lot. these rip off Brads. lot of them around. I hope they all trip, fall and get stuck in a pile of pain

my tastes fluctuate.

still love cancer tok and KAYA of course

paralyzed tiktokers are my current favourites

people are the worst

New York needs a New Mayor

sleep has always been difficult, since childhood, all kinds of problems. The dreams have always been wild though. It's 6:26.


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