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I currently do not have a Wikipedia article, which is really dumb of Wikipedia. I will create my own Wikipedia article one day. Even when Wikipedia has an article about me, it will not be the real one.

Mariah Carey's tits can feature in my Christmas album but not Coca-Cola.

Death is a disgrace. I hereby abolish it.

Been thinking of choosing a year and being nice, generous, kind and light and happy all year. But, no.

own the supreme court own america

cock and balls

spare a thought for the millions of girls around the world who love K-pop and want to be an 'idol' but can't because they don't look Asian



IN DECEMBER 2024 BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast will be releasing a full Christmas album


The black liquid is always very romantic.

The experimentation has begun. So far - SIX out of TEN. Not something for everyday consumption, but a different spice every now and then. Tonight I got Coke, tomorrow we shall see how Pepsi does it.

There are so many great, interesting countries in the world. I am very happy to be exploring them all.

The Your Weekly Address Announcement

Busan, 2013

It is time to experiment with Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola

smoke while you're young but stop before thirty

Maria Carey's tits

liz truss is still that little fat ugly girl, remember that

NEW VIDEO at 8:00

I'm gaining fat. I don't want to gain fat. Therefore I am going back to a calorie restriction of max 1900 calories a day for one month, after which I shall return to maintenance.

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