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I have never been to a peepshow.

someone should make a movie about my toxic relationship with 7-Up Free

no season does it like Fall does it

no season does it like Fall does it

no season does it like Fall does it


Have I revealed this anywhere yet? At the start of the year I became a stremer. I did it for around two weeks. I honestly think I was a natural at it. However, I decided against continueing. I just watched some of those streams. I might post some clips of them or whole streams here soon. They are real great. I will stream again! I will stream here on - not on a regular schedule but special SURPRISE streams and even special PPV streams, YES! Look forward to it.

BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast Episode #97


BradEarth Forever

Could change it up, but that's the plan as of September

Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam in November, December and January 2023

NewJeans songs are in my head far too much. GTFO.

There is something very satisfying about this short-form video. Those movements. Those sounds. YAAA!

there is a lot of worry in life. cherish the times when the worry isn't so imposing.

I always feel insulted when the only option is to shower. I love hotels but far too many of them just stick a shower in, bathtubs should be a human right.

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