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feeling like AGI will be here by 2026 - humanity becomes punk rock apes - the computers and robots become the sublime

Ireland should be united now, it's time

With Russia's failed push, and this current stalemate the Ukraine issue has completely fallen off the map

The BBC sent a weak child to interview a stupid child, bad show

Everyone remember, because this will be memory-holed - the 14th Dalai Lama just got a young boy to suck his tongue THERE IS A VIDEO, IT HAPPENED, IT EXISTS

My OCD will soon be introduced as an official character in my world




China and Russia are setting themselves up well to duo-dominate Afro-Eurasia

The first Scripture and Teachings of

The Church of BRAD

will be revealed Friday on Episode #131 of


the amount of people who won't be able to cope with the future that is coming is fun ... PREDICTION - Suicide is gonna skyrocket and keep going up and up and up and up for the rest of the century

Whenever I consume my own work when I'm tired I think it's terrible and I hate it all, when I'm not tired I think it's all fucking amazing! WARNING TO MYSELF AND A REMINDER - don't review when it's bedtime. Instead, you should sleep and feel happy again about it all when your mind's not turning against you.

The Sui Generis


I have a policy of never eating Mantis Shrimp - learn about their eyes, they are incredible ... would be like eating a camera from the 23rd century or summin'


This is a nice Tuesday, we like this Tuesday

It's fucking hilarious that the only real truly innovative thing Musk has his name anywhere near, is the organisation he ran away from and then tried to stop, and not for the stated fear of AI but the usual fragile ego bullshit

Late nineties Americana-JAPAN X-over aesthetic and feelz are the bestest

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