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The SpaceX commentary team are deeply deranged and deranged looking, lying through their teeth that this flight was a success... it wasn't just supposed to clear the pad, it was an orbital flight. Failure is fine. Bullshit isn't. Lotta bullshit from this Smelly Potatoes Cult.

Thanks for the kind words. Don't worry, I'll be fine.

I'm fuckin' sick man.

A LOT of NEW curated PORN uploaded NOW >>>

I'm sick. I got something.

Not sure what, but it's something.

Very strange symptoms. Can hardly move.

I like to earn my sleep. I don't sleep until I've exceeded my expectations of effort.

lots of NEW fun stuffs have been added in the deepnesses of the look around and find them

Friday's episode is on AI and the end of A world

Saturday's episode is on my future American presidency

I like Nordic people, the Danish don't count

NutFlax rlly a litle gayboi for cancing The Midnight Club

My current system to prevent and destroy FATNESS: 1900 calories or less daily, with Rare Exception days and travel exceptions AND three 30 minute indoor pacing sessions

My world and my work have many rules - one of the fun things about my work is that each and every thing I create has multiple versions that are official versions - the podcast for instance; each episode has versions. My videos; versions, even the versions have versions. I upload whichever version or whichever version of a version I decide based on my current thinking and feeling.

despite its teeny tiny size, I'm really looking forward to visiting San Marino next month, my thirty ninth country - often times these nations that are small but not joke small (like Monaco) are real great. FUN STUFF!

3am and I'm up! ready for another day of serial killing!

I watched The Bob's Burgers Movie on a long flight - was deeply strange; both absolutely boring as cheap cheese yet somehow wholesome and watchable

A dream between dreams

Each individual has the power to build the future, don't settle for the realities set forth by others - change them!

paris is great in every season, but summer in paris is the best

Everybody who listens to my podcast will achieve catharsis eventually, GO DEEP. IT'S DEEP.

Denmark is a global disgrace






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Fifty Fifty and their Cupid song are real nice are real sweet. APPROVED!

Today something goes in the Spit Bucket

There's a month of my life out there somewhere I become obsessed with Japanese baseball

Disappointed Trump has yet to transition and become the wonderful lady I know he can be

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