Brad Nicholls, this is his official online home. this front page is a constantly updated representative mix of himself and his work. beyond this front page you will find a deep environment of archives and surprises. enjoy.

Finnish Sana is no more

don't watch any of my content on YouTube

when BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast hits a million listeners per episode I will display photographs of my penis inside diamond glass

Imma watch WrestleMania tonight

Me and pepsi ; it's affinity

PATRON-ONLY Episode up now! It's about CHINA not CHYNA

The difference between me and other megalomaniacs is that I TRULY care for my people.

I would drink the blood of every rat on Earth.

Bathe in the volcanoes of the deepest seas.

Jump from a very high concrete stick.

If it meant they MY PEOPLE laid their heads upon their pillows in peace.

BRAD's Party

ONE DAY SOON- sometime in the next several decades - I will make my own American political party BRAD's Party! and I will WIN the United States of America for me, for my children, for everybody

Episode #129 HAS! BEEN! RELEASED! GO!

The Pizza Hut is an ally, this pizza hut is a friend

Hawaiian pizza is CANADIAN and is delicious


EARS UP! get ready... Episode #129 out in a few hours !!!


The indictment is a positive for him BUT he still has to become a TRANNY if he wishes to get back the magic! TRANNY TRUMP and the show is truly back.

I will spend a month as a woman of colour soon

I fucking hate when movies feel the need to explain things to the audience and the characters having the conversation aren't supposed to know it when they clearly fucking would. If there is something you think a high percentage of the audience won't know, explain it to them in a smart way. Find a way to do it. I never don't know, and it kills the mood, and it pisses me off.

It's three in the morning and here I am AGAIN, right now I fucking hate having non-24

as someone who eschews social media and hates engaging with the dirty blob of humanity, I need the people who do find me to really care at a very deep level - a metaphysical transcendence of REAL LOVE... anyway hehe,,, I've seen a bump since I wrote 'tell all your friends' - nice to know people are on my side, people care, people believe, people WILL tell all their friends. I thank you, YOU, you are be my friends, you are be my frwiendsssszzz

I have many favourite photos of myself

this photo, taken under my direction and on my orders, is of myself BRAD NICHOLLS in Paris

it is so near to perfection, it could actually be perfect ...

my dreams are so wild, so vivid, so true

Yes, my son Kim Garam has brachydactyly, and yes my son Kim Garam is so very strong

I was so lucky to have such a beautiful caring chinchilla

I think about you all the time

you'll be with me forever


Palm Springs is a movie you can watch many times, this is my second or third time, there will be more

I'm about to take one of those sublimely enjoyable shits

if you love this website, tell all your friends

I love animals and I love machines, humans not so much

© Brad Nicholls