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Despite our many differences, Siddhartha Gautama was and will always be a friend

Liz has been cast aside like a Delhi hooker in Baghdad! Starship IS A DISGRACE!

Rikishi Sunak is a shit stain

Janky Spankz Xtreme

IVE's 'Kitsch' is a terrible great song

Tommy Antelope is not my friend - simply an overzealous fan - there will be no double amputation as he claims, no need to be concerned... anyone receiving these emails should just ignore them

None of the candidates in the SNP election have fucking got it man. Independence will be hurt because of this hastily thrown together thing. Nicola Sturgeon is a coward and a cunt.

Tonight's episode is RAW, after the first listen through I felt like releasing it that way, just a bit of noise reduction and gain increasing, but other than that completely RAW, a rariety these days for BNP

Brad Pitt is a natural enemy; an enemy for the same name; but there is no hate; I wish him well; I have ownership over the name though; he can go spin off the planet and get hit by an asteroid

Did y'all enjoy one two seven? of course.. well why not listen again ^^^

Julia Butters is a star

it's possible screens remain the main interactive medium through which humans work, learn, communicate, consume - like the car, we didn't replace our feet with wheels, we don't really need to embed this shit inside us like so many think...

Episode #127 will be up at 21:00 my friends

I need a new fetish

Shou Zi Chew is a very talented puppet


2007 aesthetic.

On March 21st 2019 I walked from Nice to Monaco. Three days later Xi Jinping was driven from Nice to Monaco. Xi Jinping lost. Xi Jinping is a loser.

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March 24th

Episode #127 Why I Support the TikTok BAN!

March 25th

Episode #128 I had a lot of SEX as a child ... and the UK has no freedom of SPEECH!!!!

I am growing a full beard. A first for me.

There really is a drug den on every corner - these coffee crackheads don't even know it

War is hell. But it will be a part of the human experience for a long time yet. It may be here forever.

BlackRock is a much cooler name than Blackstone, Blackstone have to change their name, probably why BlackRock have 10X the amount of AUM. SAD CRINGE!

The truth is, I love Britain dearly, but it must be politically broken up now into a trillion pieces

one of my best propagandists got permanently banned from an incel subreddit for posting a link to one of my episodes there... lol

Congratulations to Ann Lesley Smith

I wrote a full constitution for Independent London this morning - it's a truly genius document

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