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Media outlets assuming Putin has won is such low level thinking

Wagner stopping advance on Moscow, they have likely won, Putin is in-effect gone, if Putin had control of the military he would have destroyed them, Wagner know that had to win or they would die, they would have fought, winning means they don't need to

WEEKLY ADDRESS was recorded yesterday so won't have any mention of Russian coup (which it probably would have) ... this is how we do things ;;; it's the Expansive Mix Era la


If Putin does survive this in office and doesn't completely destroy and slaughter everyone who tried to overthrow him, it will be as a very weak constitutional monarch

Interesting how Putin will play this if his allies start to turn against him ... will he go down fighting or negotiate to keep his life and maybe even his money and some of his palaces

If Russia disintegrates in chaos, China and Japan and oh so many other countries are likely going to start eating up Russian territory based on historical claims, using the similar logic as Russia did in Ukraine

Prigozhin is deeply embedded in the Russian state, this is not some rogue weirdo all alone with a band of convict fighters, he has the backing of strong players within the Russian state - this is CIVIL WAR


Putin looking very concerned

I truly hope this coup attempt continues to escalate !

WEEKLY ADDRESS JUNE 2023 will be here in a few hours

REMEMBER : I am the greatest artist of all time

the greatest artist of all time

of all time

Stockton Rush has to become a lesson and warning to humanity forever

With DoOW comes EDs

Russian coup ???

tonight's episode is 'The POWER of The WMAF'

My TikTok famous girlfriend is worried after my BongoThrills vid did 800k in two days ; she doesn't want a TikTok famous boyfriend (crying face)

The last two days have been interesting > thousands of people calling me a psychopath ... a lot agreed with me though

Bongo Thrills had his first viral TikTok

When it comes to subs, I'll only dive, ride, drive if I built it myself

Friday's episode (recorded today - Tuesday 20/06/2023) begins with the submersible 'Titan' that is missing. It's Likely they are dead or will be dead soon, o2 runs out Thursday. This is on course to become another great mystery. Has all the hallmarks. Don't go gawk at disasters, the tragedies of others, let those poor bastards who drowned rest instead of going down in a little pod to take selfies. MAGNETIC KARMA ... listen to the episode

I have built DoOW, DoOW is an incredible tool

my favourite shopping malls : (in no particular order)

terminal 21 asok (bangkok)

big city (hsinchu)

metropolis at metrotown (burnaby)

berjaya times square (kuala lumpur)

canal city (fukuoka)

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