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pro wrestling is the only thing

Sharks are so gay

It is sad, that the vast majority of talented women in the arts, in entertainment have to combine that talent with sex. You can't just be a great singer and dancer, you gotta shake your meat, tits and arse and sexual inuendos all over the place. It is sad. Sometimes.


I am going to start breaking world records for my own enjoyment and not releasing any details of what world records I break also for my own enjoyment


타인은 지옥이다

The entire fucking club want Trump imprisoned, Friday's episode is on that

June 11th 2023 (last night, it's now past 4am June 12th) the most extraordinary events happened. Experiences beyond anything humanity currently accepts as natural. I am going to take a period of time to decide where to go from here. I have footage and other evidence, and it's all safe.

Unlike the first indictment, this second indictment is actually bad for Trump

M Z is a small puck but making some decent moves as of late

A theory ...

They don't have to be aliens. We could be sharing this planet with another intelligence that we have yet to be introduced to.

The Friday episode is on the recent UFO/UAP revelations


Broccoli is actually delicious folks

This is a fun "mainstream" media headline ...

'US urged to reveal UFO evidence after claim that it has intact alien vehicles'

It's either a very well done intelligence operation or aliens are here

smart move by russia today

Life is a struggle of many flavors

The Days is great stuff. A great portrayal of the realities of high office during an incredible disaster. Tōhoku was a fucking bitch of a thing.

It's a terrible idea, but I would like to see the Supreme Court of the United States elected every ten years - a new court of truly political judges

This is a weird fucking planet.

I had a great sex dream last night featuring Jeon Somi and Louis C. K.

on the balance of things. The United States and NATO have gained more from Russia's war on Ukraine than Russia, China or any other player

Ep #147 OUT NOW!

I wonder how many people from high school killed themselves

five minutes forty one seconds into Pulgarsari and it's not bad

Tonight I'm thinking about malacca

Tonight I will watch Pulgasari in full

The new Photoshop AI turns anyone with a couple bucks into anyone who has done anything - a great bullshit machine - WE'RE IN THE MADNESS


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