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Hedonistic eating and living is a resigned, retired, dead kind of happy

BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast is not casual listening, from the first episode I made that clear. I don't want it to be that thing you listen to in the background while you're mentally focused on something else like a lot of podcasts are designed for, that drone that gets lost. The best way to listen is to fully focus on the podcast, you can do this alone in a room (eyes closed can add something too) or when you're moving through space - car, boat, plane, train... listening during exercise (especially aerobic) is another great way to focus and enter the 'World'. If you do listen when your attention is divided then you will not get it. The magic show only starts when your attention is focused and I can truly touch you through sound.

This society stacks the cards against your health. It takes great, sustained, willful effort to overcome the TRILLIONS against you


Episode #159 up now!

I hope India's moon mission succeeds, I need more nations in the space game

ChatGPT can be threatened into giving you the answer you want ; )

Don't Look Up is a bad movie that could have been great; watching it for the second time and that sad fact hasn't changed

I feel a great amount of love for animals but a very limited amount for humans ; it is what it is

It really is the folly of the unintelligent narcissist with Elon Musk and Twitter. Played differently, he could have influenced and manipulated American and global politics for years, perhaps decades. He just couldn't escape from the need for attention always and for whatever reason, regardless of the consequences. The best move would have been to faux step back, keep up a solid pretense and control everything from the dark.

We need an upgrade on pussy smell






Writing a Blog post on the horrors of ageing ... will be up soon

even with that fucked voice and army upon army of enemies RFK Jr. could win

hard core fibre

Gingers will always be a disgrace

Gingers will always be a disgrace

Gingers will always be a disgrace

back from Cyprus and Northern Cyprus, contents comin'

Take your vitamins!

I can really see Russia having a Syria-style civil war soon - FATAL FOUR-WAY kinda shit

This chaos in Russia is just beginning

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