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Castration of heads of government probs a positive policy

I am not a homosexual or a homogaysexual, David Schwimmer had a great body in Friends and it was not discussed enough!

The children of the 90s will likely be the first to gain immortality and will rule the world forever. YAY!

Strange, FUNNY. The cultural change and cultural decimation of western countries. Wanting to limit immigration from countries with different cultures is viewed by the Gurgle Blob as an instant RACIST terrible thing!! 25 years ago Burnaby (a former home of mine) was a majority European city, now the Europeans are a minority with the city being majority Asian. Metro Vancouver is one of the more extreme examples, but this trend is a reality all across the western world. While countries like Japan are openly, enthusiastically racist and that is excused when it comes to them. Strange, FUNNY.

Nayeon ABCD song is mixed badly, vocals are not well defined and get washed-out by the music, there is a decent song in there somewhere, sad.

These are headlines I don't love waking up to...

FAA investigates after Southwest plane drops to ‘within 400ft’ of Pacific Ocean

FAA investigating Southwest flight that came within 400 feet of crashing into the ocean

The FAA is investigating a Southwest flight that came within 400 feet of slamming into the ocean

FUCK Boeing, Airbus makes the far superior product these days. Sadly I have to fly Boeing a lot, the possibility of a fiery, watery smashed-up death is always a lot louder in the back of the mind with Boeing than Airbus.

Giselle (Aespa) gotta go super anorexia soon if she wants some love and positive attention. She needs to make people care. Be an IDOL, do what's necessary.

François Hollande is a friend, we had a lovely interaction at his inauguration in 2012 and his wife is (was) very hot, far too hot for a man who looks like a broken shoe, a busted bottines

I'll keep doing my thing

You rarely eat a bad pizza, but when you do, you feel sad. I feel sad right now.

the earthlings are devoid of effective leadership, they are all as bad as each other, let them die

I do not enjoy K-pop idols grabbing at their pussy in music videos. Have SOME class.

Hayley Williams, great arse

Little Brown Girl is a rockstar

condemning things is so much fun, and so effective, once you do it, the enemy just disappears, they explodes and never even happenedz

BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast seeing a big boon in listens to the classics (they're all classics) since we went to the monthly specials this year, you guys missing ME n' the frequency ey, awww...


lemonade on a japanese citybeach; it's summer girls >< party time

Krystal Ball really has the worst female voice in broadcasting

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