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Night, love you

It's 6.21 now

I have been watching a lot of Lostprophets live videos recently. They were one of the greatest, if not THE greatest live band I ever saw, and I've seen a lot of great live bands. The sins of the artist and all that... it's fine to watch, fine to listen, the prick lost and lost badly, imprisoned for over a decade now with many years still to go. So go ahead and enjoy.

It's 4:31

here we are again, me and my non-24 - look it up :Z



I have changed the FUNK 58 cover.

All previous instances of the old one have been replaced. I am posting the old one here for reference and historical reasons. I still think it is cool, but I prefer the new one more. Many changes will be made to FUNK until it is finally published as one ultimate final beautiful novel

sometimes a girl so sweet, so perfect, so pretty, so pure and then you remember this girl pisses and shits and boogers and bleeds.

crimes against humanity or something.

The fact the UK left the EU is still fucking stupid and fucking insane, all that power dissolved for no real reason

I fucking hate regulations, fuck off

ash sarkar has a pretty smile

Alan Watts was all voice ZER0 substance, also most likely a paedophile

the world collectively just stopped giving a fuck about all those UFOs and Peruvian aliens didn't they

I am a part of these places and these places are a part of me

FUNK 58 part four is really fucking violent


are NewJeanz singing abo0t ther vaginas again? 🙁

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