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FUN; the markets control British democracy

...WELL, the markets and the media...

and right now both are EATING the British government alive!

morning folks

I am not terribly attracted to vaginas, they feel nice putting my penis and fingers and thumbs inside but aesthetically we all know they are a mess, incredible engineering, awful artistic design

dogs and cats will most likely evolve into the next intelligent species on this planet when humanity kills itself; they shall emerge from the cracks and build a better, more pawfect world

Secretly Rei is the best of 'em and I've always known it, she is pure; a true gemstone, an amazing woman

I have a strong feeling that power bases in Britain would have tried to kill off the Truss Premiership early no matter what she did.

Episode #101 will be up October 16th 2022 - I decide if Liz Truzz or Jang Wonyoung is my girlfriend

stars last billions of years

the human form should have no finite span

death is dumb


The World Cup is always exciting, even if you think it won't be

people who say don't overthink things are usually stupid fucking people

we need more electric chairs

there is so much beauty in the world, enjoy it

elon musk has that 'can I give you a blowjob? Oh c'mon please!!!!!' kind of face

I got bit by a bug, in the UK, and now I have a rash! fuck wit dat!?

The food supply is interesting as fuck


bum boy

First destination on my next Asia trip will be KL then Malacca!

no caffeine Pepsi MAX is the winner of caffeine free cola awards, ya!

Seriously considering an Ethiopian political career!

Episode #100 is up now, go listen Patrons, and become a Patron if you are not

Who is your least favourite Ethiopian Prime Minister?


Who is your least favourite Ethiopian President?

leBRADburg launches OCTOBER 31ST 2022

Iman Benson is my new 'love of life'

Did Brad Nicholls eat an old Chinese lady in Prague?


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