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We are on the cusp of some very special scientific discoveries. They are not things that are widely known, not the things most would think they would be. Not too obvious. But right now, they are happening and they are brilliant. I hope the world lasts long enough for them to come to fruition. I want them to be realized. 

trans debates are so fucking dumb

You have to really believe in yourself and what you are doing, always

you know when you open a pot of custard or a yogurt and other pot based delights, and ya get that fucking splatter, wa da fuk wit dat!? STOP IT!

the universe will end on a tuesday



Episode #101

ham and cheese sandwich with tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup and mayo




We really need in this world a serial killer who goes around killing true crime fans. Get someone on that ASAP, thanks.

Lesbian porn has never been a favourite of mine; perhaps with the exception of those Japanese kissing videos, but that ain't really porn, it's art.


Mù Cang Chải, 2017

elon musk is an amateur

ice cream for breakfast baby

build technologies and robots to replace human labour of all kinds

remove vast majority of humans in one big blow

become immortal

continue to advance, work and play

oh liz

oh liz

oh liz

I've never been interested in farting, there are a lot of people interested in it, I am not, never ever have been, never ever will be

This picture is both awkward and lovely

Liz Truss made a fatal mistake, if you go bold, you go bold, you cannot turn, you cannot bow. If you go down in flames, you bring everyone else and everything else burning down around you. She no longer has power, and her time in office is now irrelevant. She is now a potato.


Akwasi Addo Alfred Kwarteng has been eaten

Late night Taiwan adventures <3

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