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58 is and will always be my favouite number





The Midnight Club is the first series I've watched in quite a while. Watched a couple of eps so far. It's decent so far. The next two eps will decide its fate. Cold be great, could be junk. I shall see.

Very close to declaring victory over The Concussion

I can't remember why we were all laughing, but cleary it was a demonstration of my extreme comedic abilities

AEW has the pretense of a great wrestling promotion, but ultimately it just aint it. Too much smushing together of great elements makes a bullshit thing. This is what is happening with AEW. The last great new original wrestling promotion was the old TNA before they fucked it all up. WWE is also dead of course. Sad state. I still check in on wrestling every now and then. But this sad state is very sad indeed. DEATH MATCH WRESTLING is the only saving grace these days.

The Concussion is being downgraded every hour, this thing is weak but we, meaning me, are is strong

other than earth, what is the most interesting planet in this star system?... I shall decide this question today

Together as one BRAD we shall defeat The Concussion.

A photo I took a few moments ago of ME and The Concussion

I am very happy to have been born in the 90's.

I know we are all very concerned about my concussion. And it is quite bad. Therefore I shall be naming it. The Concussion.

Elon Musk should keep his facehole shut about Taiwan. Keep his facehole shut about everything, really. Lamest dude of the century.

Been thinking about Victoria, BC today. Victoria has a real magic to it.

I hit my head last night and now I have a concussion.

one day I will build a great building of some kind for some purpose in my old home of Wenshan, Taipei, Taiwan

Flakes are very delicious

Liz Truzz iz my girlfrienz!

the british eat their prime ministers, the dutch only ate one of theirs, the british eat most

NMIXX are shit. Perhaps shit by design. But that "BIG WAVE, BIG WAVE" is quite addictive... JYP should be ashamed for fucking up and wasting the talent in that group, could have been huge, now just a mistake with a few catchy moments here and there... BIG WAVE BIG WAVE

Politico really did become crappy. I used to read it all the time, some days I would read every single article. Quite often actually. Now it's a bore. Very sad.

Episode #99 World War III is up now, go listen folks 🙂

I do not recognize the legitimacy of the names of the days of the week and the names of the months of the year. I have own my names for them.


I liked Andorra, maybe even loved it. I will return, next time in winter.

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Episode #99 will be out later today. It's about World War III. Be excited!

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