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Polities I consider and will most likely continue to consider possible areas for my rule -

United States

Great Britain and Northern Ireland


The entire world




A nice chunk of Africa

European Union

Sri Lanka



and more...

chicago, morning face

elon musk is a losing loser, that lost, not surprising

Europe, ya better start building that army you're always talking about.

The Replacements were a special band and they made special music, they weren't appreciated enough, eternal artistic underdogs, achieved the sublime, their music shall live for a long, long, long time.


pizza hut soft-serve unlimited

we are just a few moves from nuclear war, a few more from large-scale global nuclear war and MAD

we exist in a soft, warm, comfy bed of survivor bias, nuclear weapons exist and nuclear weapons will be used again

the realities and results of this conflict so far are inviting Russian use

and remember, Ukraine had NUKES!

Ukraine had a deterrent, a deterrent that if maintained WOULD have prevented war

it was clear then that that deterrent SHOULD have been maintained


so many dead in Ukraine, possibly many more through nuclear destruction, possibly many more dead across the world from the same on a larger scale

there are many to blame for this

people say don't blame the victim, I believe that is a very wrong way of looking at the true nature of the world

Always blame the victim

"Nature has made up her mind that what cannot defend itself shall not be defended."

I do love that Emerson quote.

earphones in, early morning, Vienna, many joyful memories

The sushi itself though, is okay but nowhere near the best sushi in the world, which of course is any damn sushi shop in British Columbia. I FUCKING MISS THE FOOD OF BC.

YO! Sushi mochi balls are very nice.


October 1st 2022

Concerning Joseph R. Biden officially assuming office of the Presidency of the United States

JOE BIDEN has now officially become President of the United States. The stink of the Vice Presidency was on him for a long time, longer than usual.

I hold no ill will towards attractive, fat women and they are fun to sleep with.

three new videos in three days, you lucky people


One day corporations will engage in true warfare. And the wars and the nature of those wars will be very interesting and to most surprising. I am a corporation but I am also much much much more than a corporation.

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