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I love my life, my beautiful life

ASIA TRIP 7 is near

Johnny Mikeson is HARD right . will be an interesting speakership and House environment

I enjoy the new IVE song, I enjoy most IVE songs

China is building up its nuclear arsenal and that is not a positive thing for the world

HOT girl on the plane back from Zurich was knitting a yellow scarf. Mental. We need more people like her.

Iran needs to hurry up with those nuclear weapons if it wants to intervene in Gaza against Israel without worrying about massive consequences for its own homeland people. Nukes make everything better. Nukes make everything possible.

losing the moral high ground is a national sport in israel

The devil wears a sit on this planet said the little brown girl bleeding all over

Luxembourg 8/10

Switzerland 6/10

Liechtenstein 6/10




Genuinly thought I saw Kyle Kuklinksi Linksi in the airport in Zurich I WISH HIM ALL THE BEST! One day we shall meet and we shall be the best of friends Inshallah and I do.


Swans are the best part of Zurich

these western politicians are actually born and bred and live forever inside the collective Israeli anus? Sad shit. Sad, sad shit. What the fuck are they so scared of?

Luxembourg reminded me of if my old English small town I lived when I grew up was a country, not a bad thing


le sserafim really are all so beautiful ! I will never forgive them for what they to Garam but they are, they really are.

People who are sick, who go out in public, who cough in public, especially egregiously should be executed by the state.

The legal argument Cenk is using is correct. It's one I've known for a long time. More work has to be done to change the mainstream thinking on this though. The courts could say yes or now for whatever reason, courts are like that. It's more important to build the mainstream recognition of the Natural Born Citizen clause being absurd and unamerican.

these House republicans are fucking children ... at this point just give the damn gavel to the little man with the bow tie and accept how broken your majority is

Lux-Swiss-Liecht trip updates comin' ...

I have now visited 50 COUNTRIES!


Countries 48, 49 and 50 will be Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein

Steve Scalise is real sick. He has a BAD cancer. Can't be having someone with such a distraction leading an already fractured and chaotic House majority. Best way through this is one of two things ...



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