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Thank you Cenk Uygur

The Arab states will be forced to respond.

If the destruction of Gaza happens at the level that has been stated by Israel. Palestine's allies have to step in and fight, or lose all credibility and show themselves as weak.

Israel are starving the population before rolling in.

If they go in too soon, they'll meet an enraged, hungry people with enough energy to still fight, if they wait, they will meet a dehydrated, starving, desperate, weakened people - sick fish in a barrel.

Lots and lots of people have been talking about a novel solution to finally end the Israeliā€“Palestinian conflict.

The entire territory - both Israel and Palestine would be given to Brad Nicholls and all Palestinians and Israelis would be expelled. The Palestinians would be provided a nice amount of land in Egypt and the Israelis a nice amount of land in North America.


The Church of BRAD is esoteric and Expansive Mix.

My only concern is the protection of the religious sites in the region. I call on all sides to keep them safe.

I'm literally eating popcorn

This is when western media's propaganda is at its absolute finest

The news, the analysts keep saying "intelligence failure" ,,, possible. Also possible they let this happen so Israel can no advance the domination and ultimate crushing of the Palestinian state and effective elimination of Gaza ???

It was only last night I was having a nice deep think about Israel and Palestine. And here we are, here we are.

'Episode #183 KIM GARAM. TRAVEL STORIES. A Lost Episode. A New Edit.' IS UP NOW!


Matt Gaetz is doing this to get a sliver of history for himself - correct decision for someone like him ... additional benefits are attention, name recognition going forward and a boost in the MAGA succession race ,,, the media need to stop pretending it's personal or policy LOLs


Trump is being raped by the establishment but is riding high politically, if the election were held tomorrow he'd win comfortably, maybe even win the popular vote too. Democrats have got to do something FAST (REPLACE JOE BIDEN) if they want to stop this.

google is a shit thing and will be remembered as a shit thing

Taipei skyline is finally starting to look better, it's healing

Rishi Sunak looks like someone who is enthusiastic for anal examinations, also looks like something you would find in an anal examination

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