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build secret places

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there is nothing more tragic than an aging k-pop idol

people are such cunts

Biscoff spread is a wonder at first but quickly becomes a meh, sad stuff.

there's so much great music in the world, be thankful for that and keep the toaster away from the bath

morning blowjobs forever


I saw a ghost, so I formed my fingers and my thumb into the shape of a gun and shot.

I have said it before and I will say it again...

I have a deep appreciation, respect and love for BRAD NICHOLLS

It's 4:33 and I feel like drinking coffee, but I don't drink caffeine and don't do decaf either, maybe I should try... I will drink my no caffeine pepsi MAX, put on some music and dream...

new stripe city

Horrible things are happening in Myanmar, sometimes I wonder if the people I met there are safe. The young taxi drivers in the park, the ladies of those three romances I had, the people on the street who would run and run to catch up to me so we could have a conversation, the fast food workers... I met some really decent and fun people in Yangon four years ago, I wonder how they are now. I hope the bombs and bullets miss.

Malacca is one of the most poetic sounding names for a city.

Prediction: Rikishi Sunak will be another terrible British Prime Minister

one way to look at Rikishi becoming Prime Minister, is that of a rich man supported by richer men, failing to win a democratic vote, so him and his mates coordinated a massive negative overreaction to the person who did win that vote and her main economic policies, then they got the little club that wanted him to win in that election to force her out of office, they then had another election with the rules rigged in his favour, which he won unopposed because the rules were rigged in his favour, and all this fun without the need for another icky democratic vote...

fun stuff

leBRADburg is guaranteed to be a massive success, it may be quick or it may take a while, but it is guaranteed. A very savvy investment.

If I decide to enter the space bizniz my plan is to steal all of the hard work Jeff's, Elon's and Dick's slaves have been doing over the last couple decades and then eat them and dominate.

I think I've talked or written about this before, maybe, maybe not, but I have a sleep disorder - non-24, common in blind people but I am not blind... non-24 people sleep a few hours later each night or every few nights, a constantly moving sleep schedule

My current bedtime is 5am

Well, one zombie just got double tapped

Ready As I'll Ever Be

leBRADburg is nearly here, be excited!

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