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Kazuha's stockings lie, she is not my favorite

Dead to Me is still quite brilliant, not looking like a nosediver

next year for multiple episodes of BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast I will stand on lego and you will guess which ones are standing on lego episodes

Anything worth doing...


just started watching 'Dead to me' (I rarely watch television) it is great so far, hopefully it doesn't nosedive,,,


no, the rumours are not true, I do not currently have a toupée

new BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast episode coming Saturday, I have much to say, it be a wild one (they're all wild ones!)

the public are the worst

Three Colours: Red will always be a very special film

It's always me against the world and that's always best


wonyoung bones

the british isles are the best isles

all bald people who don't want to be bald people should wear toupées and there should be no stigma around it

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