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I am against the WHO Pandemic prevention, preparedness and response accord

I like Luton, I want a Luton win on Saturday

Nusantara can be a great success for Indonesia. It's the right decision. I've looked over the plans and they're solid. Now they just need to be made reality and committed to fully. Which IS happening. I look forward to one day visiting the new capital.

Did you know (no you didn't I'm telling you now for the first time) the Pod in BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast actually has a meaning and is actually an acronym - all will be revealed later this year in Episode #191 of BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast

Hilary Duff is aging correctly

Bill Ackman has lesbian energy

KLIA Ekspres is my favourite airport >< city center transport method of any city in the world

JFK's inaugural address was actually quite bad

on tonight's episode I not only solve TRANS climate change but I also solve TRANS global warming !



Stephen Wolfram is a terrible communicator despite presenting himself as an effective communicator

going forward every Episode of BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast will have it's own individual unique artwork

If RFK Jr. didn't have that fucked frog croack voice he could win, could still win, but would have a much better shot without that hellish voice

I left Northern Italy on Friday, it's now Wednesday and has been devastated by floods ; ROUGH STUFF - was in a state of drought when I was there

Ad Astra is a great film

NEVER play with your meat. That used to be a part of a living being. Have some fucking respect. I'm not veggie or a vegan but when I eat meat I don't act like a fucking idiot, I appreciate the former components of a beautiful chicken, a beautiful cow. RESPECT!

here's a fun fun question: Where is all of existence located?

This AI hearing is a lot more important than the TikTok one, but is getting a quarter of the coverage

I have a beautiful dick and beautiful balls

Heaven is a bathtub

I should really stop reviewing my own work when I'm tired; it's the fucking worst thing to do - in that tired, needing sleep, darkness state my critical balance is off, way off and I start to fucking HATE parts of my work that I would love and do end up loving when I review it when I'm not tired, REMEMBER THIS BRAD!

the fact that airports like stansted (and there are many other airports like this around the world) cause people to sleep on the floor and don't have ANY decent soft seating and sleeping areas is an example of why they are vile filth-brained corporate whores who love nothing more than being throat-fucked by small penis

On my second and final day in San Marino I decided - it was an extremely beautiful European microstate with a great history and a sister, a brother of Andorra BUT I much prefer Andorra, I do.

Italian trains are extremely nice, even the regional trains GO FAST!

ITALY IS A COUNTRY! IT'S THERE! My first visit to Italy over a decade ago I didn't feel the same way, now... I kinda love Italy... or at least kinda like it. ROME IS STILL SHIT THOUGH!

BACK from the Italy, San Marino, Vatican City Trip - POSTS COMING!

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