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Heading to Italy, San Marino and the Vatican next week 😀

Britain just keeps getting worse and worse

Patron Ep - The Misc UP NOW!

May 6 2023 A Sad Sad Day

I had a lot of fun with tonight's epidose

epidose was a typo but BNP is fucking crack! so it works and it stays!

Don't argue with idiots, just keep them at a distance.

The Package is a truly genius comedy movie, and a truly genius comedy movie that has a FUCKING 40% rating on Rotten Tomatoes - a disgrace of a website, a HOMOPHOBIC dissemblance in spacetime.

It's funny how some of the most insane things happening in the world hardly anyone knows anything about - search ITER

I made homemade lemonade today and it was delicious

TRANS DeSantis would be a great move

Shouldn't be too difficult to concoct a potion that guarantees lucid dreams every night without fail

it's not healthy to see so many different fucking people on a screen every single day

I have decided after much thought that I am not British; I will continue to take advantage of the passport for now and base myself in England for the time being, but this country is just not for me. I will be writing a Blog post on it and there will be an episode on it later in the year.

Had some interest from some people and some people who I like the work of to be guests on the podcast... had to turn them down and I will turn all down in the future too. BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast is a solely solo endeavour, if I do ever have guests it will be part of a completely different show

Episode for the Patrons! up now.

Nu Metal was great. we need a new era of Nu Metal

someday in the future I will acquire a large vessel a ship a boat and invite all of MY PATRONS to cruise the HIGH SEAS

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