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current crop of '24 candidates are das and yag

enthuisiastic dick suckers are the best

Re-watched some of Tenet - it's a terrible movie that could have been great, Nolan has two categories - terrible coulda been great and great ... another thought I had while watching is that AI is gonna be able to make these kinds of epics within five years, at first a depressing thought but only those who can adapt will survive ADAPT and CONQUER

The edit is complete and Ep #171 will be live worldwide at 23:00 BST

AEW is a shit promotion, they filling wembley just for the fact it's wrestling at wembley, that's it

Donald went for a psycho stare and failed. SAD. He looks so vulnerable and weak. A scared child.

whole lotta stupid fucks in the world

When you're getting your mugshot, give 'em a smile, a sweet, beautiful smile. Don't do a Rudy.

'Prigozhin plane crash' could be many things. Don't believe ANYTHING, or ANY conclusive narrative the media comes to over the next few days.

... some possibilities

Putin killing Prigozhin and finally taking back full control of Russia

A third party killing Prigozhin, that third party seeing him as an eventual successor and threat to their ambitions of ruling Russia

Prigozhin sending a double on board and lambs for an assassination he had prior knowledge of

Prigozhin faking his own death

And MANY more


Well done to my INDIANS! We have a true new player in the space game. Thanks. I also like that India do it all so very cheaply.

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