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There are definitely many serious questions around the September 11th attacks. Whether it was some kind of 'inside job' is not certain, but there is a lot of truth buried.

A push for a new religion around the ALIENS is currently being co-ordinated

I am giving all planets (except Earth) and moons and rocks N' stuff to India (temporarily) - they do be seeming like the best rn at this space exploration shit

ONE PIECE live action series is incredibly watchable and well done


Today August 31st was the planned date for a change of design of The Front Page into The New The Front Page, however through days, weeks and months of designs and redesigns and then finally creating THE design, I have decided against this change - I love this current design. I love the UX. The genius, the simplicity. Sometimes change for the sake of change is called for, in this case, it is not. LONG LIVE this beauty LONG LIVE The Front Page!

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