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Butt stick

recording 'the MAY 2024 Special Episode' this morning - politics heavy, lotta politics have happened this month - DEAD Iranian presidents and DROWNING British Pim Mini-sters and a lot more too

Conservative campaign so far is comedy, but comedy often works, it's all they have left, really COULD make a dent in things

the pope said he don't like faggots lol


Pro wrestling

IDF bombing civilians

My TikTok FYP

This world cray cray hey hey


Bum Stick, Butt stick or Arse stick


Chattel slaves were the first intelligent androids - the AI superpush and the coming AI android is to get back to that reality - one payment for intelligent machines that can do the work for ya and get nothing for it

Take your vitamins and eat your Refreshers


The face of a man who frequently smells his fingers


You checked out my curated porn lately?

GAZA is another step on the road of DISINTEGRATION of the US-built world order.

Could be the final nail in that coffin eventually.

Alright, I have decided.

The BIG trip this year will be


it's been a while since I've watched disabled and terminal TikToks ... I don't know what happened 🙁

Rikishi is doing well so far, early days, but could be an upset COULD


Ronaldo water is shit

The more the British public see Starmer during the campaign, the more they'll dislike him. He'll still likely win, but it'll be a landslide AGAINST something not FOR something.

SQ321 is insane. Turbulence is too weak a word. We need a new word for these incidents. KEEP YOUR FUCKING BELT ON.

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