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it has been a very long time since I licked a vagina

never really been my thing

spittin' blud*

nail clippings in the bathtub

I know I've sed a lot of stuffs and shits aboot Le Sserafim, but the HUH YUNJIN starbucking queen girl actually has artistry, has some Thing real,,, her future could be bright...we may dance 1 day.

Dick Swine Burger Vine Pump Kanka Swerve Wanka

I removed tonnes of earwax from my left ear last night, I can hear again. Hearing is beautiful. What a sense. Looking forward to listening back to the latest episode and finally being able to hear it,,, how well did I do with only one ear really functioning... ???

It's a cool cool summer

Current K-pop idol of immediate interest >>>>>>>>


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