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America is currently showing the world that democracy is a giant fucking existential risk, no more politicians, no more bullshit, let an N64 run things.

A Parkinson's expert has visited the White House eight times over the 11 months. Read that four or five times. And let it sink in. Read it four or five hundred times if your Joe Biden. Biden has to fucking go!

1.7 billion people have died during my life so far, or over a quarter of the human population over that period, I intend to outlive the rest. I intend to outlive you all.

Kier Starmer will officially be PM Finger Smeller AND/OR PM Smelly Fingers

Rishi (Rikishi) delivered one of the best speeches in political history. People don't understand it yet. That was a statement of intent. Rikishi is one of THE greatest failures. But he made it soft and human and loving. He'll land somewhere.

... in contrast Kier (PM Finger Smeller) Starmer's speech was iffy and disingenuous, I actually decided to skip it a few minutes in.

This could be the moment this America ended. Trump is a danger to it. An immediate danger. But a smarter more capable more ambitious evil will use this ruling.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you own SCOTUS you own America. Uh oh.



Portugal was alright, an alright country with a nice amount of charm


. . . also thoughts on SCOTUS rulings, The War on Biden, PM Finger Smeller and more!

Just got back from Portugal. CONTENT coming.


the JUNE 2024 Special Episode up at 23:00

FUNK 58: Operation Earth up in a few hours


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