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Chungking Express is such a beautiful film, I was thinking about it today, I think I'll rewatch it soon

the british head of state has the best propaganda machine in history

the uk has run out of tomatoes and that is hilarious


I have assumed control of a TikTok fan account in recent days and will be starting a fun experiment soon

I listened to a Drake song, it was shit.

I did not agree to this NI protocol deal and will not accept it

The 'king' getting involved where he shouldn't again, should never be involved, should not exist!

the JP-TF fight was cute, weak boxing from both but still not too bad of a spectacle, great marketing

Aging is a process you notice in spoons

patreon episode up at 21:00, it isn't about The UFOs

I've never heard a drake song. He's supposed to be this huge musical artist and yet never heard one.


I do not like Eric Weinstein and I do not like his brother and I do not like his brother's deeply disturbed wife.

Episode #119 is a banger, they are all bangers! CANONS of GOD!

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